Church Theme 2018

“Maturing Through Discipleship In Christ” Romans 12:1-2
(Build Up Our Church School)

About Us

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Our Mission

Reaching The World For Christ

Our Vision

Every Member Ministering Church

Church Pillar

To enable a church to run smoothly, we can’t run away from these two “young” man that are leaded by God! Meet our old outside but young inside church’s pastor, Reverend Buell.
Of course, not to forget our church lay leader as well, Steve Yong.


Rev. Buell

Church Pastor

Love photography, can capture anything, anywhere and at any time. Besides that, have a very warm heart especially to the youths.


Steven Yong

Lay Leader

Looks serious, but can be fun, most of the time! Love outdoor activities especially picnic with family or youths.

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